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A new way of conceiving the table

Italy is one with ita culture – a wonderful mix of excellence, ideas, talents, and products.
It is an extraordinary place of passion, craftsmanship, and quality. And at the heart of Italian identity, food has a special place, along with all that revolves around the tables as a special place to furnish.

Our mission has always been to add conviviality, practicality, and hygiene to the table of our customers. Today, more than ever, we are counting such intention, adding style and new comfort to the sign of Italian design. To us, renting table linen is much more than washing, sanitizing, ironing and delivering coordinated items for your table. Our work is meant to offer new solutions in order to create unforgettable atmospheres, to embellish environments, to give character and originality to your restaurants, thus increasing the positive perception that customers will have of you and of the experience you have offered them.

Ours is, in fact, a new way of conceiving the table.



b. 34cm x h. 60cm

b. 17cm x h. 30cm

100% Cotton 70 Guaranteed washes

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